Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Seperation with Nanny

It's long time I have not updated my blog. As usual busy with work, home, Gowri's studies etc.. as usual reasons for not making out time.

In Oct'08, my parents had to attend for my cousins marriage in Mumbai. The first time she is going to be away from her Paati & Thatha(Grand Parents). Everytime my parents has to go either to hometown or for any occassion, they do take her along with them. Though at some point of time, had a thought to take her along with them but due to Diwali vacations could not manage to get the return tickets from Mumbai. So she knew marriage is happening but tried to confuse by telling her it is only in May and not in Oct. Created a story of treatment for them to make her stay back.

Since Gowri had classes, she will have to miss for almost a week. Don't presume she is studying for a higher class like 10th or 12th that too hectic schedules to miss the classes. She is only at "NURSERY". Beginning of the year she already missed more than 10 days of her classes and due to hectic office I get only very little time to spend with her in the studies. So only learning for her is from the class. So did not want to miss that.

Back to the situation, so to convince her to stay back, told her that they are going for treatment and in hospitals they will not allow to keep kids. She accepted it since my father do go once a year to Kerala for the Ayurvedic Treatment. This time paati as well, it was difficult for her to accept.

On the day of leaving, Gowri got up early and started crying telling she also wanted to go !! :(

As usual Paati & Thatha had the soft corner and were in a dillema what to decide and felt only one of them should have attended the marriage.

Finally we tried to persuade her and she started calm down. And finally she was back at home :) We were also worried how things will be managed. Fortunately due to Diwali the day they left, we both had holiday. Next day, Raju(my husband) had holiday. So things were managed.

For that matter, Gowri is so adaptable, she understood the situation that she should not be troubling ponnama paati(MIL) as she does with Parvathy Paatti. She adapted and adjusted to the situation very quickly. After all, what can you expect more from a 4 year old child !!@

My cousin Raji call her every weekend without fail. While talking to her she said grandparents can return only after the marriage. She clearly remembered whose it was. Since she could not recall the name, she asked me, "who is the mama who got me the Orange dress, who is getting married". I replied " Kumar". Then she told Raji, ya patti & thatha can return from the treatment only after the marriage is over.

Myself & Raji were puzzled : Is it we are trying to fool her or she is doing on us :) :)

I wanted to narrate this in detail, so that Gowri can enjoy reading this how we fooled her when she starts understanding thing.

Gowri ... Enjoy reading the above.