Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Heat and Volcanic Heat....

As mentioned in the last post, volcano erupts heat and sometimes cools down quickly - the ups & downs are continuing. We all are troubled by the scorching summer heat which too continues at 42/43 degree cel. Gowri is still continuing her enjoying vacations which is till 4th July, the last week before she resumes school. Just got to know today that her vacations are extended till 6th July .. two more days for masti.

Gowri is getting more addicted to TV and our repeated saying of "Don't watch too much of TV" falls on deaf ears. The only option left at my end was to disconnect the cable without her knowledge. I have been successful with this arrangement for the past four days.Being very shrewd at these things, somehow she has taken my story that some maintenance work is going and cable will be available from evening only. No TV and still she manages to skip studies unless insisted.
This has been the routine for the last 10 days. I go for driving class for half an hour at 10:00 AM and she joins me for my class. We will be back home by 10.45 AM. Around 11 :00 - 11 : 15 have lunch and then we both play Scrabble verbally, reading out stories. Her vocabulary has increased tremendously! Yesterday when we were playing she had to say a word starting from "D".. She answered " Dominoz " - yes she is very
crazy for Pizza's and when ever she knows its going to be Pizza fordinner, she ensures to polish off atleast 3 pieces of it.
Got her a new Story book today, since she was bored of hearing the same stories. Today, spent few hours reading them. I took a small nap and by that time it was 2:00 pm, time for me to get ready to office. While sleeping also, I get up frequently in between to check whether Gowri is not busy doing any new mischeifs.

Hope to get Gowri's addiction to TV reduced by involving her in different activities. Let me try how many days I am successful in this. :) . I can't imagine that day when Gauri starts reading all this.............

Next one is going to be the 25th Post and hope to get it posted sooon, before my laziness or work catch  me :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Volcanic Eruption %$&@

Don't jump to conclusions from the title before start reading this. I know, you must be guessing that this post is something educational or about the recent volcanic eruption in the Europe region.... No Not At All.. this is about great Gowri's swinging moods & behaviour erupts,which does have a time pattern. You must be guessing, ok go read ahead and I assure you some laugh :)

Gowri sticks to her morning routine, even during holidays. She is an early riser and doesn't sleep beyond 7:00 a.m even during winter. She is up by any time between 6:00 and 6.30 a.m. She finishes brushing and
her bath together before she comes down (we have a duplex and her room is in the upstairs). She spents few minutes praying to God and chants few slokas too. Its then she has her morning coffee or Boost, which ever she feels for the day.

Most of the days, she has it along with me and then it will be most likely coffee. While drinking coffee, she measures the quantity I have in my glass and in hers and ensure it is equal. After completing all this, if some
one reminds her to study, she picks her books and ask either my myself or thatha(my papa) to sit along with her to help in the studies. All this goes smoothly till 9:00 or 10.00 am - precisely the time when her appa leaves to office.

You must have wondered for such a nice girl, where is the title suiting... Volcanic Eruption. Till now you have read about the sleeping volcano. After 10:00 am, the volcano starts heating up and it will erupt any time if any one at home whether it is me, thatha or paati restricting her, from doing anything which is not expected from
her. Mostly she watches TV - cartoons of Shin Chan, Doremon etc.. Once I watched an episode or two along with her and I found the messages from those are more destructive rather than some morals. Since then, I have locked the channel. So now, she get to watch only Pogo & Disney. It is also going to be locked since she is getting more addicted to TV.

I start to office at around 3:00 pm and I try to engage her in reading story books, playing etc till then. She will come along if she has interest. At any time, if she is pulled out of whatver she was doing ignoring our warnings that she better stop, then the Volcano erupts. We all loose our temper, except my mother, who will stand by her. At times, my mom too loose her cool and there will be no one to support her. Then she will calm down after crying and pouring out all her feelings.

Last Friday, since she was very mischievous on Thursday, the report list was given to her dad,Rajuppa, in the morning infront of her. That day, volcano was so silent. It was quiet, surprising all of us. Till afternoon, no noise at home, everything cool. We all try our level best in different ways and tactics to ensure Volcano does not erupts.

Let's see how long we are successful, may be till the age she is matured enough for a greater level of understanding.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Continues... this time a Happy one :)

Yes, you guessed it right, as I mentioned in my last post about her another vacation, this is about the masti vacation Gowri spent with her periamma & periappa. This was in April even before her school actually closed for vacation. My sis was here during first week of April after a gap of 4 years to Gurgaon.(This was another reason that this time Kerala trip was not planned).

My sis spent around 2 weeks and Gowri had a gala time with her Kunjumani Periamma(My sis used to call her Kunjumani & she inturn add that while calling her) & Satish Periappa. Gowri enjoyed my sis variety of cuisines, biscuits & cakes baked for her. Gowri is very much interested in cooking and she spents time while preparing dishes or baking. Hope this interest continue when she grows up and can actually assist.

Gowri does have picked some receipe's while sis was preparing and she used to present as if she has taught periamma. Also, she too teaches me explaining the steps and ask me to prepare promising she will help me.
I am lazy gooze in cooking and at times I bake cakes or biscuits just becoz she is behind me. If I tell her, I don't know then she tell me " ask your akka, call her and she will sent you the receipe or go to internet and you will get video's of how to prepare." She is very good in grasping and initially when I got the oven, akka explained me how to bake biscuits and for convenience she gave me a link where it is explained with video.

Gowri had school and enjoyed doing homework with Periamma & evening outing to HUDA market(local market nearby). She used to take them by telling the Rickshaw wala were to go etc....Before my sis was to leave she wanted to go for a outing to spent time with us & Gowri. Though, we identified one or two locations due to poor review from people dropped them and finally decided to go to Apno Ghar. Though it was also not upto our expectations. It was also poorly managed and the Amusement park was totally waste. Gowri, her appa & periappa enjoyed in the water pool.

Some cool snaps :) Gauri loves to pose for camera & some of the random solo Pics of Gowri taken by akka.

Some of the Pics at the outing at Apno Ghar :

Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation,time for masti.... but this year on a different note :(

I had started updating the blog regularly since Apr '10, but again starting now after a break of almost a month. I had received couple of notes, why blog is not updated and to start updating. Read this to know the reason.

Come May 2nd week, it's additional masti time for kids..they do have masti even during school days. Tough time is for parents and grand parents to complete homework and revisions.

Vacation starts and it is time for watching repeat telecasts of Doreman,Kitertsu,Shin Chan the great, Chotta Bheem and many more..., then time to Play with friends and at last, if time left out, after all these some studies. This is the routine for Gowri. She plays a very obedient kid infront of her appa that he gets impressed, to get goodies from appa in the weekend. Get up before 7.00 am, complete her daily routine, Prayers, study. Once appa start to office, she is back with a bang to her true colors putting things upside down at home. Then she is the Commandor.

Normally Gowri's one month vacation is spent in Kerala with my sister. This year, it was not planned for multiple inconveniences. This time Gowri had a very different vacation for the first time, but not a good time to celebrate:( . Gowri's school vacation started from 8th May and something different was planned by God.

Gowri's, Papa thatha(My FIL), was not keeping good health quite some time due to old age. (One of the reason why Kerala Vacation was not planned this year). On 9th May, Gowri's Thatha left to heavenly abode. Gowri did understand that thatha will not be coming back and is now God. Since thatha was staying with us and vacation time, all her Periappa's family had come and were staying here all the 13 days. For kids, especially for Gowri, too small to understand the gravity of the situation had a gala time with her loving cousins - Shubha didi, Vishal Bhaiya, Shreya Didi. For the first time she got the opportunity to spent long time with Cousins. In addition she had two more cousins - Vani didi & Prashant Bhaiya. She enjoyed a lot with no one behind her to tell about studies and no one behind them constantly to put control, as elders were busy in the rituals.

After 13 days, Sat & Sun(22 & 23rd May) all all her cousins have left, though vacation continue for kids, works piled up in office for all the parents after two weeks leave,except for Kontha Periappa & Raji Periamma who decided to stay for first masikam. She enjoyed another 15 more masti days with them getting opportunity to speak to Ananya(Poonam Didi's cute little one who are in Singapore). Periamma & Periappa left on June 8th and Ponnamma Paati on 9th June to Vishal Bhaiya's house to stay with them for some time.

For Gowri, it was back to routine, started finishing the Summer Homework, revision (already started forgetting things learnt during April with in 15 days of not touching books) etc... Still the Masti time continue for another 20 more days.

Wait for Vacation Part II ... to be updated very soon.