Friday, April 2, 2010

Summer Holiday Assignment

Though delayed, I am recalling & posting some of the activities or events which Gauri had in the last year. You can see one by one coming up in the blog. Thanks to my new job, atleast for now I am getting some time to catch up & update the blog. Moving to the topic, I started, every year, Gauri gets some assignment as her Summery Holidays. So you can guess now, whose home work it is! Yes, you guessed it right.. It is my home work.

During my school days, Summer Vacation is time to enjoy with friends, visiting grand parents, relatives. Gauri too enjoy all this and I have to work on her assignments. Those activities which need to be written or simple pasting I ask her to do. Finally arranging it for the presentation, look good etc.. it is my work. Creativity is something which I don't have and for Gauri's work I have to be creative. So I am learning to be creative. Thanks to websites :)

Gauri's Prep Summer Work - Three Activities -
  • My Holiday Homework - Covering some learning activities
  • My Album - About herself, family, address..
  • Making Draw using Matchbox.

Things in the Kitchen - An activity in the Holiday homework.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Naughty Gauri :)

As I mentioned in my last post, due to busy schedules I did not manage to get time to update the blog. There is a long list to update and starting with some instances happened in April last year. I recall as it is time again for a new session and new interesting & at times troubles waiting for me :)  

April'09, new session started for Gauri. New session, new class mam.... One Friday, my father called in the afternoon, the time Gauri back from her school, to let me know the note from her mam to give her a call. I called her up, follows the list of complaints - " Not listening in the class, not drawing the pictures neatly, not writing stuffs in her copies ....... a long list". I listened and thanked for the feedback.

Back home, first thing the next morning, " Medidation" started - due to winter since getting up just on time to get ready to school, we stopped insisting on her regular Meditation.

Also, everyday before leaving to school, reiterate to her to listen in the class, writing neatly etc... planned to put her to drawing class during the vacations.

Just a week, again next Friday a note from her mam to call her up again. Really got worried imagining the extend she being naughty that mam has put the note again the consecutive week. She has developed the habit of tearing papers from her note book. Inspite of advising her, she is continuing. Though her Mam advised and every one at home she continued with this for a looooooooong time.(Almost till Jan 2010).

Again a week after, message from  Mam to call her. I was really shocked & suprised and started wondering what to do with her to improve....... But this time for a change it was for a positive feedback... That she has started improving in class and Mam wanted to share the positive feedback.

Gauri... Waiting for the new mischieves you have planned for your new session, with the energy gained during the short summer holidays by watching Shin Chan & other TV favourites.