Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teacher Gauri

"Wish you all a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year"

This is the first post in 2009. My sis keeps on reminding me to update the blog with Gauri's actions, reactions, stories, adventures......... But I don't get time due to my laziness... so called excuse.. " busy at work ". I don't find time that is the truth.

Coming back, just few instances where I have become the student, infact all the family members and teacher is none other than Ms. Gauri.

(This photograph was taken whe she dressed up as Indira Gandhi for fancy dress competition in her School)

This instance happened around 3 months back. In her syllabus she has to learn the Alphabets and vocabulary. There are some words to be identified along with the pictures. Alphabet is G and one of the words was "Goat ". Though I have studied in English Medium, pronunciation was important but not to extent Gauri taught me. I showed the picture and told her to repeat "Got". She immediately corrected me " Amma it is not GOT, you should say "GOAT". I used to be very cautious when I do the revision for her.

This instance happened very recently. On 25th Dec '08 my MIL was feeling some uneasiness and took her for a check up to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, she was diagoniased for High BP & Sugar and was to be hospitalised. When we were sitting the Nurse came to give injection. I told Gauri, shall I tell the Nurse to give you one "injuction ". She immediately responded " Amma you are saying wrong.. it is not injuction, say "INJECTION " and laughed at me " My hubby, my mom & MIL all started laughing...:)

Gauri picks up things quickly and even she has given classes for Hindi to my mom. My mom has been in North for around 4 years that is around 25 years back. But still she remembers the Hindi she learned that time but ya gramatical errors peeps in too often. But her Hindi is good enough to manage the things required. Teacher Gauri, corrects her grammatical errors, pointing out to her paati you are saying wrong, be say like this...............

Now onwards I am really careful in the pronunciations, otherwise Teacher Gauri will start her classes for me, though it is a good class !!!