Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seperation Continues............

Last update from me was on how Gauri spent her days when she had the first seperation from her Nanny. My parents were back on 8th Nov '08. As planned earlier my father went to Kerala for his Ayurvedic treatment. Though she miss him but not to the extent of Nanny.

It was not too far that my ailing Nanny breathed her last(30th Nov '08). My mother had to rush to kerala on 30th itself to see her for the last time before her last rites are performed which was to be done on 1st Dec '08.
Gauri could make out from the situations and packing of bags that nanny is going. But this time she was so calm and had learnt to adjust a lot(Too matured I feel for a 4 1/2 year old kid).

She just asked once to nanny"can you take me as well". My mother replied, no as she will misses her class and can be here with appa, amma & dadi. She accepted. We were back home after dropping my mom in the airport.

I was also not feeling good on the news of my nanny's seperation, Gauri asked me a question"Is it that I am troubling Nanny that she left to Kunjumani Periamma(my sister she address as this)". I was really literally in tears with her innocent question. I replied " No, not because your are troubling but she has to join thatha for the treatment". She felt ok.

This time she was so used too, managed most of her things. We feel pride for her to have the maturity at this young age !

Gauri you can read this and feel how we felt. Though you might be remembering those situations which we would have scolded you, but at the bottom of our heart we are proud of you to adapt to the situation so quickly without giving any trouble to us.