Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Celebrations....

It was Gauri's birthday on 24th Jan. Both myself & my hubby does not like the culture of celebrating B'day parties and make it a public function. But... we ensure every year she gets a B'day cake of her choice, gifts and celebrate her cake cutting in the evening with the immediate family members.

Now since she has started understanding things better, she wished to have a party with friends.. This year her b'day was on Saturday... To make it to her wishes, being Saturday we invited her cousins- Shubha didi, Vishal Bhaiyya & Shreya Didi -who stays in Delhi.... Though all of them had classes on Saturday, after the school they made it to attend her b'day party, to make her feel happy.... Since she is the youngest in the family she is so fond of, to her cousins and her periappa's & periamma's pamper her a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Few days back before her b'day, my mother in law got a courier - a Saree, sent to her, from my sis-in-law. Seeing that packet Gauri also expressed her wish of getting a gift by courier.

My sis had gone on a vacation to Bangalore & Chennai in Dec '08 and had done some shopping for Gauri too. To give her a surprise for her b'day, she had couriered her the dresses which she had got for her. She send it such that it will be delivered just a day or on the b'day. Gauri received the courier on her b'day, which in a way fulfilled her wish she just mentioned few days back. She was so happy to receive a courier for her. And I hadn't mentioned about this wish of Gauri to my sis.

Cut to the evening of B'day - Coincidentally my hubby's cousin's family came over from Delhi to meet my in-laws. She got two more cousins for her party .... Shashank bhaiyya & Shreshta Didi.........

When the party started, she was on the top of the world, with so many people around and wishing her b'day wishes and gifts..............

She had her wish of b'day celebrations fulfilled... And she turned 5.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meditation #%$@

This is an incident which happened in Sept '08. This was in the drafts for a long time and now I have found out time to update and publish.

Gauri had an outing from her school to Rail Museum, Delhi. We dropped her at school in the morning and went @ 1.00 pm to pick her back after the trip.

Met her mam' and took her feedback how she is progressing. Just a month back there was a formal Open House, first one in the new school and got a positive feedback. However, this time there was some comments which we know from her nature at home. But heard the same from her Mam' - No concentration and feels disturbed in the classroom.

We took the feedback positively and gave her a small advice and start practicing meditation everyday for minimum 5 mts. Since hardly will get time in the busy schedule in the morning.

She took it positively and did it initially for 2 days. Third day onward while getting up in the morning, I used to tell her it's already late, get up fast. She will repeat ya, already late will not get time to study, no time for dhyanam!!! which she want to escape. I accept saying, ya no time. Shall finish routine fast and make time for study atleast !! and she says ya ya.

After routine, somehow will manage to make her to do it. But it has helped a lot !!!She infact improved in her concentration and got a very positive feedback from her mam in the next PTA Meeting. Also, this was reflecting in her in the assessment results which was given in Nov '08.

Enjoy one of her Meditation............... :)