Friday, May 7, 2010

Holi 2010 - Festival of Colors

Gowri love playing Holi with colors and water guns.One week before Holi markets will be filled with colors and variety of water guns. Gauri is behind nana to get one for her. Every year she want to get a new water gun, even if the last year one is intact. As I mentioned in the last year Holi post, in our current place, Gauri had much friends to play holi and I am the only one to play with her. To make her Happy, I play with her and she makes me wet in the winter.

This year Holi was on 1st Mar.. for me no holi, no diwali if it falls in the monthclose or beginning of the month.. for me everythings becomes work at office.. nightmare monthclose.. But this year we as a team planned in advance and worked on Saturday to complete the activities and enjoy Holi. Thanks to my team for working on a saturday and which gave me time to play with Gauri.

Gauri ready with Water guns & colors to play Holi

Gauri makes me wet and shiver in winter. When I ask her not to put water she gives an explanation " Amma this is Hot Water, how will you feel cold " but even it is hot after putting, your body will start feeling cold.. she does not listen and continue playing with water guns enjoying putting water on me.

Enjoy Playing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Onam 2009 - Kerala Festival

Onam, God's own country's biggest festival, the Festival of flowers. Though staying out of kerala, we do celebrate Onam by putting Onam(Decoration with Flowers) everyday. Appa gets the flowers the day earlier and amma put the Onam every day early morning all the days. Myslef & Gauri join her on the weekends.

Gauri & Amma with the Onam in front our house, posing for the photo.

"Onam is celebrated in the month of Aug/Sept to celebrate the yearly home coming of Asura King Mahabali who ruled Kerala. He was a pious king and kerala was  believed like a heavenly place with no thiefs, people were self sufficient, healthy & wealthy. The people of the country were very happy and lived in peace. "

In today's world all these are stories... we can dream to have these days coming back...

Though brought up outside Kerala, I wish Gauri to know of our culture and enjoy it .....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Navarathri - 2009

Gauri, near Gollu

Navatri is celebrated in high spirits both in North & South. In south, one of the attractions is keeping  "Golu", decorating idols at home. After settling in Gurgaon, my mom wanted to keep Golu but with difficulty in getting the idols etc it was getting postponed every year. Last year appa got some stuffs from kerala and we managed to get few from Delhi as well. Some of the golu pics.

Since we were short of idols, Gauri picked her toys for decorating the Golu and make the steps full.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fancy Dress Competition - Theme Independence Day

As I mentioned in the last post, Gauri's next event is Fancy Dress Competition and the theme is India's Independece. This is again a competition and it happens during the Aug. In Nursery, Gauri got a Consolation Prize. This year, she managed to get Second Prize. Congrats !!(This event was of Aug 2009)

Dressed in the costume and rehearsing at home, dada watching the performance !

Rehearsal and the final note !!

Quote she mentioned : The Power to Question is the basis of all Human Progress by Indira Gandhi.

In Nursey, she quoted in English. This year, I was particular that she should be saying in Hindi. I am poor in Hindi as I learnt only after shifting to Delhi. Thanks to my papa. He can handle Hindi very well. He translated the above phrase in Hindi with some additions to make it better. (English Version of it : We Indians want to come up and The Power to Question is the basis of  all  Human Progress)

Gauri would have managed to get First, I think just the costume she would not have. That was time when  "Swine Flu " was spreading every where, I deliberately did not hire the costumes. Managed with the Dhothi and kerala dress Gauri had.

Congrats Gauri & Keep it up !!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extra Curricular Events - Poem Recitation

As I mentioned earlier, about posting about Gauri's last year's activities, here is one of them.
Gauri has lots of extra curricular activities in the school which grooms the child very well - Poem recitation both English & Hindi, Fancy Dress Competiton, Show & Tell, Narrating stories... list goes on.

In Prep she had Poem Recitation which were competitions and she participated. In English, she recited the Poem " Little drops of Water " and got selected in the primary round. After this round, Adarsh Mam, her class teacher in Prep, had sent a note to get her a good Prop for the final round. In the Final round, though she recited well, she did not get .. reason is obvious.. Just the Prop was not so attractive. As I already mentioned about my creativity... what all I could do is put some powerpoint slides on the Poem theme.

Here is Poem & the Prop which she presented.

" Little Drops of Water
Little Grains of Sand
Make the Mighty Ocean
And the Beautous Land

Little Words of Kindness
Little deeds of Love
Make our Earth an Eden
Like the Heaven Above

And the Little Moments
Humble though they may be
Make the mighty ages
of Eternity "

Congrats Gauri for putting your efforts in clearing the first round !!!

Annual Function & Graduation Ceremony

Don't be surprised by the title " Graduation Ceremony ". During our days, we get the opportunity to attend Graduation Ceremony once in a life time achievement, which is considered as a Prestigious one and people wait for the D day. Now you attend as & when you complete a milestone - a leaping step towards the actual Graduation. Coming back, Gowri had the Graduation ceremony for taking the next next leap of moving to CLASS I after successfully completing the Nursery & Prep.

As every year, this year also, Gowri had the Annual Day Function along with Graduation Ceremony on 9th Mar '10.

Please enjoy some of the Pics :)

Ready to Rock on for the Musical Ballard !!!!!

                                                                                                                    In the classrom with friends

Closing Ceremony 

Subbalakshmy(Gauri) along with her Class Mam - Adarsh
Gauri has now Graduated to Class I :) All the best Gauri for your successful career.