Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gowri's Holi

In North, Holi is celebrated in a grand way.

Gowri also enjoys playing holi. This year she did not have any friends to play holi. So we both played. Enjoy some cool snaps.

First Achievement in Extra Curricular Activity in DPS

I am really lazy to take time out for updating the blog. My sis very often reminds me to do it. Finally updating few topics which is pending. First one on her participation in the competition

Before closing her session in Nursery, Gowri had a competition in her School - " Show & Tell" Competition about any of her favourite like toys, fruits etc... I chose her the subject of her doll which she recently got as gift from Periappa(Raju's Brother). As usual asked my sis, to create a story line in four/five sentences.

Raju's brother was here and he helped in rephrasing the story and taught her for two days continously. She picked it quite well and her delivery was also good. But was not sure how she is going to present in school. She could do well and got a consolation prize - A Certificate in the competition.

Here you go to see her Presentation (Replay taken at home) and below the Certificate.

Gowri, this is the start....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Annual Functions

Gauri has participated in all the Annual Functions since her play school days. Thanks to Chimes for giving her opportunity and moulding her to a confident child !

Before going to her peformance this year, I am starting with updating her prior year performances.

Doctor Subbalakshmy - Gauri's First Stage Performance.(Chimes Play School - Mar 2007)

She does not have any stage fear for the performances. She is used to the performances from the Pre Nursery Days - Thanks to Chimes Play School providing her a solo performance in the first year. She was so confident and her first performance was a "Doctor" . Her dialogue was " Hello Baby, How are you feeling today ! Take Medicines, Ok ! ". She presented these dialogues with great confidence for her age. Unfortunately, I don't have the Pics of this performance :(

Thirsty Crow (Chimes Play School- Mar 2008)

Moving on, her second year peformance was a short play of the "Thirsty Crow". Many of us would have heard about this story. " On a one hot Summer Day, a thirsty crow looking out to drink water. Finds a pot but the water is at a low level. The wise crow picks up some pebbles and put into the pot and the water rises up and thus drinks the water, satisfies the thirst and flew away happily ".. Here the concept is same but with a twist at the end !!! .. Watch this video for the rocking performance !!!

Dancing Princess(DPS- Mar 2009)

Finally, about this year performance. Her first stage performance in DPS. She performed one of the Princess in the Fairy Tale Story which was presented as Musical Ballard.

Dressed & Ready to Rock on !!! (A Pose for the photograph !)

Enjoy this one in the video on her performance

Wait to watch more star peformances from this little star :)